Grain to Gain: An ASCII Game



How did this happen? Could you tell me the steps that lead to this so I can see how its replicated? I would also like to know what system your using (Windows 7,8,10, Linux, Mac)


i downloaded the V2.1 folder, unzipped it as a folder, and then ran it

the V2 has the same results

it does seem to work with V1 though, but i don’t want to miss out on the new features

and lastly i’m running windows 10


You do not need to download the folder, you can enter the folder and download the .exe file. What I’m finding odd is that I too am on Windows 10, so I may need to search on causes this. Very strange… And thank you for reporting!


I don’t get a black screen, but I do get some odd looking characters. I wonder if it is a font/codepage issue? I’m running Windows 10, but with a United Kingdom locale and the default “Consolas” font.

Out of curiosity I tried running it from a Cygwin/xterm and got no output at all.


how do I play I mean what are the controls


Oh, I do apologies for the lack of mentioning of how to play.

Simply you use the keyboard. To perform an action, press the key that corresponds to the letter in the parentheses (). Some input requires you to hit enter, such as when prompted for your name.

Im correcting a logical error for one option that requires capitalization literal. The option (B)at for species requires [Shift]+[B].

I’ll add a section to this on the main post in a bit. Thank you for asking, and have a nice week!


There won’t be a build release this weekend, but I can tell you a little something of what the next update will have in store:

  • Bug Fixes such as name not loading correctly and trying to eat more produces a message about no more food despite there being food.
  • The ability to customize your gui to fit your liking
  • Rooms having more personality by having visual representations
  • You now have a calendar to keep track of what day of the year it is
  • And of course the work system is getting reworked so you can have your choice of job and promotions! (What the update should mainly be about)

I’m currently researching to add more species and rework more of the ui to make it easier to comprehend. Another spicy thing to look forward to is that skills may also get worked on more to have small trees. (since currently you need to be level 5 to cook in bulk)

Thank you for your time and have a nice week!


Are you able to change the values and stuff like that, because the gain is too slow and I wanna see all the fatty ascii “sprites” or whatever you call them


I’m planning for the update to be released by either Saturday 23 or Sunday 24 of March 2019. After that the game will be on hiatus until I can get some more of the mechanics that I want to implement down, and for me to do that it will require time to rewrite chunks of the code.

But while this game is on Hiatus, I’ll be releasing some basic minigames that will hopefully be more weight gain centric, but will help me refine mechanics I would like to implement in the game. The minigames (for the most part) won’t be fleshed out in the standalone form, but hopefully they’ll have enough to be a good standalone. (Incentive to play the big game if you will)

But to give you a little taste of what the next update is going to have instore, here is a little more information on what’s coming out:

  • Movement has been refined so that you now use a map to travel to centric locations.
  • More species such as Koala, Llama, and Squib
  • Skills have been recalculated
  • Stats page has been rebooted to be folders for Bio, Stats, and Skills
  • The work system has been installed, but I need to refine it a bit more (currently 2 jobs are implemented, but a couple more jobs could be fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

And when I say this game will be on Hiatus, I mean more of unplanned updates of minor versioning. (Now I’ll be doing MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH as good game devs do starting V3.0.0) Meaning that spicy plan for skill trees may see the light of day.

Thank you for your time and have a nice week!

@DarkShadowWulf Yes your able to change the values by going into your save file and finding the line that controls the stat you would like to change. I recommend line 3 (Under Name) to change the weight value. I recommend using Notepad++ to edit the save.sav file. There is currently not that much, but when I rework the player sprite I’ll be adding many more stages of fatty goodness :cake:


I hope some of you weren’t kept waiting to long, because now
:drum: Drumroll

The Working Update!

:new:What's New?

  • More bugs have been squashed
  • This should finish off what the visual update had started, with custom gui, and you can edit the console’s color scheme.
  • New Species: Koala, Llama, and Squib.
  • Skills have been calibrated
  • Stats have been reworked to display in sections
  • You can now work at 3 different jobs
  • Movement has been transported to be more travel friendly
  • New locations and sites to see
  • Localization has been improved
  • New stat bar to keep track of: Health
  • Save file now saves in UTF-8 encoding (Not encrypted yet…)

:checkered_flag:Goal for next Update:
When you start playing, you’ll notice two things right off the bat: The “Quest” System and “Difficulty” System. However, neither have been fully implemented. The “Difficulty” system does not affect any stats or the way the game plays. And the “Quest” System only has 2 tasks obtainable. These are pieces for what I would like to start putting together for the full game.

As for the next update, I would like to flesh out the story and build the world a little more, adding NPCs to interact with, quests to venture off to, multiple save slots so if you’d like to try different “Difficulties” you have ease of access to swap, new character creation and character style (The “Chibi” style will most likely appear in game still), minigames for jobs and recreation skills (fishing, cooking, etc), and more skills to practice (Magik anyone?). I’ll write this new chapter of the game as… The Story Update!

Unfortunately, for me to do that, I’ll need to put this game on a… sporadic update? (Sounds better than Hiatus tbh) I’ll be releasing minor versions of this game when I make them, instead of a weekly release schedule I was doing. And in the meantime I’ll release minigames that maybe included in this game.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and have a nice week!

Now what are you waiting for? Hit this link to go back to the top and go to the download page!


Couple questions: what jobs are available and how do you pay rent?


The jobs available are Waiter (Pyknic Meadow), Cashier (Whammy’s), and Clerk (Muse’n’Fuse). You pay rent at the bank (Venture Trust) when the pay period starts (The 4th of every month), you have grace period for the first month so you don’t have to start worrying until April 4th.

I should probably start workin’ on NPCs so they can relay this information better XP

Thank you for your curiosity!


I haven’t been able to find the bank…


can you add an option to disable the need to pay rent or manage health?


Well, you all knew this was coming…

Patch 3.0.1

  • The bank has finally been built
    -I forgot to include it in the travel portion XP
  • Experiences now influences starting stats
    -Threw this together for ya’ll

This patch can use your previous save file from V3.0.0, So now jump back to the top and play the new patch!


What do you mean by experiences influencing starting stats?


Also, one request: Can you add an option to change the date format? (eg. mm/dd/yyyy)


Experiences, aka “Difficulty”, are how the game plays. I use “Difficulty” in quotes because it’s not really a change of difficulty, but a change in game experience. (Currently the weight gain speed and few other stats have not been completely implemented, I’ll make a minor update to correct that.)

And your request is simple enough that I can add alternate formats to the date system.


So far, the current update has been pretty good. Just two questions:

  1. what does Muse’n’Fuse actually do? The other jobs are self explanatory, but I can’t figure out that one.

  2. Currently, all the jobs seem to have been set for the same wages. Is that going to be standard, or are you eventually planning to have the wages change based on the job in question (less standard pay but better tips for a waiter/waitress, for example)?


Much appreciated. What else are you planning to do in future updates?