Not sure on protocol for these things but I’m dedekind, I have lurked around here for a while. I mainly have finally made an account due to the fact that I have had to practice coding, and decided to do something involved for a project to help me learn C. Accordingly, I have been making a (very rough) text RPG from scratch, which I hope to have a (very minimal) demo of out within a week; come make suggestions on it once I drop the demo!

Additionally, this is an intro post and I see some other people here posting details, so I will say that someone can correctly guess a good chunk of my interests and background from my username; I do research of a very technical sort, which only tangentially involves coding, sometimes. I sank 100 hours into dark souls 3 the month after quarantine hit and I can breathe underwater. I sweat piss and am banned from every fast food eatery in the state of Vermont. I live for the glory of God.


Welcome to the site! Happy to have you here with us and I look forward to seeing how your text RPG comes out!

I can relate, I lurked here for like 2 years before I actually had some content worth making an account to put out. Welcome!