I guess I might as well make an introduction post.

I’m KaptainKQ. I’ve not put a lot of work online aside from a couple hundred interactive chapters on, which is regrettable, because that site has become an absolute dumpster fire (more than it already was, anyway).

… Anyway, I suppose I’d identify myself as a writer. A writer, and a degenerate furry. If asked, I’d probably be more than willing to submit some writing for your games.

It’s good to have this place back.

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Welcome back! I’m glad the site is back up too!

Welcome back to the fold! Also, if you are a writer that is looking to help others with their projects I would suggest joining the writers group.

Oh, wow, the Renamon story. What a throwback! I’ll have to check out your chapters in the stories you worked on more . . . on the off chance lets me read them on a given day!

Glad to have you with us~