Growth Gambit : V0.215

Kinda hot ngl

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i did like 10 times,i still get the white screen

Patch notes:

  • 4 new main girls
  • 20 new girls (not interactable and only for a game)
  • 3 new games
  • 1 new hall
  • 1 new stage for MC, Lyra, Alisa and Syrianna
  • Lyra Quest added
  • ??? for magical shower has been renamed to a future girl.
  • More story and world building of where you are now
  • Increased anti cheat system
  • More empowerment for the girls when they are bigger.
  • New encryption
  • Player lose system
  • Improved quality of faces with new images
  • Shop has been added
  • Donate height option has been added
  • Travel function has been added


  • Syrianna has been blessed with power and her game has been buffed.
  • Alisa fight has been blessed as well making her more powerful.
  • MC has been buffed giving her 3 new skills.
  • Girls will now enlarge on the screen when you talk to them
  • Saving will now cost your height (no longer save scumming so the game bricks)
  • Re ordered the choice windows
  • Reworked some of the old scrips
  • Save location has been changed (files)
  • Games played counter actually goes up correctly this time
  • Syrianna will now appear sooner
  • Alisa will now appear sooner
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V0.215 is now released on Itch io

Man, I really loved V0.1, and it really hurts to see this game just get… well. Near impossible to play within one version update. First off - 20 height to save is way too much at the start. Because if I just get a bad string of luck with the coin flip, I’d immediately lose. No questions asked, back to the start and the introduction.

The pigs had me stuck and instantly lose, and the running away map is way too long (the first one was much better). I kept interacting with them and nothing happened - and if the Alisa challenge still gives out the same amount of height (haven’t tried it yet since I haven’t been able to complete it ONCE without the pigs stopping me), then it’s definitely a step down from before. All these changes have just made it go from rather enjoyable to a slog.

However, with enough trial and error, I got to the new rooms - pretty sure Blackjack is just impossible to win, every time I get an 18 or 19, she just gets enough to win with 21 every time.

Hi Parnash,

The save is a issue at the start that’s true but it’s done for a reason. (later on It won’t become a issue anymore)
Second the pigs you can kill if you become big enough. (there are 2 maps the base one and the new one chose at random)
Also yes the map is bigger but that’s for a reason cause it function 2 purpose. 1 is Alisa game and other one has to do with Lyra’s quest.

Blackjack is just Blackjack she doesn’t have any bonus modifiers, so unlucky I guess.
I have sped thing a bit up in V0.3

The problem with the pigs is that I haven’t been able to get big enough, I haven’t been able to pass my starting height at all. So if I get that one at random, I just get a game over.

And I don’t see the reason. If it’s to stop save scumming, it’s preventing forward play in general, too. You need to play one game to get two saves. 5, or even 10, would be a lot more manageable if you’re trying to prevent save scums. And don’t say it’s to protect the player - it’s only hurting them.

THere are good ideas here, but the execution for .2 has just been poor, I feel.

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i 100% Agree with this, when i saw the cost to save i immediately removed the game because screw that nonsense and the RnG that would follow as the games from the original release were hard enough!

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-.- I will remove cost for saving in V0.3 early stage. (can’t update V0.2)

Just wanted to say, the save system is fine in my opinion, once you get further in the game, you make mad height due to the payout every five games. Just spam coin flip, there is next to no way for it to kill you and then play blackjack until you rack up games played if you are really having an issue. If you can tie at blackjack, both characters get a payout as well. My only complaint is that blackjack doesn’t behave like it typically does where dealer plays to 18 or whatever, but it’s fine really.

Sorry - I get the intention behind it, but it’s a really difficult start. I want to enjoy the game you made, but this hurdle is something I can’t overcome, and it frustrates me.

If there’s some lock where the coin is always on your side when you get to 70 or 80 height, I’m not seeing it. I legit got a bunch of losses in a row, and basically got stuck.

I am sorry to say gamer, but I think you just got some really bad luck there o7. As long as the code doesn’t get influenced by height for odds (which I could see being a thing), it should be a 50-50 every flip and it sounds like you just were getting some strings of bad luck. Alternatively, if the flip is influenced by whatshername’s height, then that would be kinda funky since it’s a coin flip and all

And if you do try to give the game a further chance in the current update, I hope you’re ready to see rng secrets and quests. People on their discord had a field day about that and I never figured out how to start the quest. I never saw the other possible map for chase girl either uwu

Don’t worry about it, I’m just tired of overworking myself and giving everyone free content just to get yelled at.

Sorry to ping you again,

I removed the tax from the first 8 games after that I will have tax.
And lowered height requirement for the piggy smash would that be good enough?

I hope so - I’ll have to give it a try next time you update and upload it. :+1:

Is the Lyra quest doable at this point? I know she said something about losing a thing, but I couldnt find anyththing more

Yes she is doable, it’s part of a secret.

Also for Patrons V3 has been uploaded