Growth Gambit : V0.3

Heya all,

I’ve created an RPG Maker game where you challenge the girls in minigames to determine their size. If they beat you, they grow in size, featuring transformations like BE, FMG, WG, AE, and GTS.

You can try V0.3 on, which includes FMG, BE Hourglass, GTS, WG and AE.

For V0.4 and more content, check out my Patreon.

Thanks for reading,

Intro for V0.3 :
The tower crumbles, just as foretold in the cosmic weave. Mortal, your futile struggles echo through the threads of destiny. No matter how valiant your efforts, the celestial symphony has already composed the dirge of your demise—a fate akin to a fallen star.

And know this, mortal, the descent is far from graceful, devoid of the ethereal beauty you might envision. So revel in the fleeting moments you possess, for the sands of your existence slip through the cosmic hourglass, and even the stars weep at the inevitability of your vanishing light.


  • 3 new main girls
  • New stages for all the girls +1
  • New MC stage
  • 3 new games
  • Shop keeper Dialog
  • New hall
  • Escape Ending added
  • Buy shop has been opened up with some things
  • New ???
  • Continue the story line
  • Ténevorë empowerment system added. (Lady luck shines on her)
  • Talk menu added for Ce’isha (unlocked by the shop)
  • Items added to the shop
  • Added Wager under stats.
  • In the future some girls will get custom wager.


  • Added a option to ??? for Lyra’s Quest
  • Ma’riskia start timer delayed by 2 more seconds for second time doing her game
  • G3 Secret conditions has been made easier to avoid people calling it RNG -.-
  • Some girls have their size brackets changed.
  • MC size brackets changed
  • Ravenna S4 redone
  • Donate updated with counter for the new girls
  • Updated the old games with empowerment system (aka new sizes means stronger girls)
  • Encryption streamlined (hope this time it won’t give file errors)
  • 5 game win bonus updated for the new girls
  • Reworked some old scripts again.
  • Games played counter actually going up passed 5.
  • Lowered the sprite scale of the first 6 girls. (reason at S6 they already went of the screen)
  • Increased the damage up from ATK buff, it will now give you 50 flat damage on top of your attack.
  • Hall 2 will now unlock at 8 games played
  • Syrianna will now unlock at 6 games played
  • Save tax removed from the first 8 games
  • Shop locked for the first 8 games
  • P2 Alisa you can now run.
  • Lowered the height requirement to smash the piggy
  • And more I forgot about.

Welcome @Orachi to weight gaming, someone will eventually ask. Are there any images of the game you wish to share here as well?

Done, won’t share more cause that would spoiler the game.

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I feel like failing the QTE for the 2nd game is a bit too harsh, if you fail it, you lose height AND she catches up almost immediately due to the animation, so you lose it twice.

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Is it the demo or V0.2?

The Demo, not sure if it’s different in V0.2.

Yes, I have resolved this issue in V0.2 as she will be rooted during the transfer animation

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I can’t actually get in to the game to play it

I tried to run this and got a trojan warning, might be something wrong with the demo

You planning to do a rolling beta demo and alpha release like some other games here?

That is a false alarm, I promise on my life I wouldn’t put any virus in it.
And no one can upload anything except me.

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For my upcoming games, I will always make a demo that is f2p for everyone.
The reason why I only just posted the demo here after V0.2 has released is because the
game didn’t have any WG characters in it. (demo still doesn’t have it)

Game is black screen and gets trojan warning. I think this is because you have packed the whole file into an exe file.

I think this is because if you package it like this ( bundle with one exe ), the program would unpack your game in a system memory and run a game every time.

With a game of such a large size, this could result in a trojan warning, because the anti-virus will think that an unknown program is writing so many files to system directories. and it would also make loading very slow on uncached computers (the pcs that haven’t run the game yet), because well, the file is huge, and its unpacking all of them. not fully-loaded for a while makes the game black screened.

I think releasing with an unpacked version (just rpg mz default export) would solve this problem.

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This issue is only for the demo, the encryption that’s placed on the demo and package is also unstable.
When V0.2 becomes F2P the issue is already resolved.

Also I won’t release unpacked version cause of Reupload. (Important News!) (

As much as I trust people online, I report this to you because if your game isnt a trojan, that would be something that should be fixed (which it seems like you did so gj :D)

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Kind of surprised the player character or the demons don’t have a message of them panicking when they shrink in size past a certain threshold with how much they value size/growth. Although I think this says more about me than anything else with how I like to bully them.
I enjoy the concept a lot.

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I would like to say that I enjoyed this game while I still had it open, then I closed it and tried opening it again only for it to not be able to run it again. Please upload the game on a different format, an exe file is just shady for me, even scanning it on VirusTotal gives you five checks of a virus.

But it’s a good game and I enjoyed playing it for a bit, it has some really good concepts, it just needs a bit more time and polish.

*edit: just saw earlier posts about why it’s so encrypted, my bad

Haha, no worries.

I check just in case if there are any virus (always better to triple check) but all of them are false positive. Checked them with ESET NOD (paid version) got 0 detections.

Any how V0.2 is around the corner for F2P and so is V0.3 for patreon users.
Will post the patch notes later on when it’s released.

i can’t get into the game

I’m guessing white screen issue:
“Note: There appears to be an issue with the encryption that might cause the game to start up with a white screen. If that’s the case, please try restarting the game a few times.”