Gumia's Unbelted Terror :Desert village public release:

Wips are uploaded to patreon each month. How far behind the public version is depends on how close I am to finishing an entire story arch. After that updates are released a month or two early on patreon, but I might consider making changes as the number of patrons has only gone down each month since the relaunch.

I was stuck. as soon as I asked how to fix. I got unstuck because I clicked on the thing I was supposed to for my quest.

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I know part 1 of the desert update is public, but did the second part also go public, or is that still patreon only?

The second part isn’t done. Chunks of whatever I get do each month are released on patreon for people to know I’m not dead and to give them something to play early while I spend how ever many months it takes to finish an area. I’m currently doing all the art for the middle act of the second chunk.