Gumia's Unbelted Terror :Desert village public release:

I was stuck. as soon as I asked how to fix. I got unstuck because I clicked on the thing I was supposed to for my quest.

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I know part 1 of the desert update is public, but did the second part also go public, or is that still patreon only?

The second part isn’t done. Chunks of whatever I get do each month are released on patreon for people to know I’m not dead and to give them something to play early while I spend how ever many months it takes to finish an area. I’m currently doing all the art for the middle act of the second chunk.


Ehi Grimimic what version of winrar should i use?

it doesn’t need a specific version. Anything that can open zip files should work.

When i kill monsters i dont take exp why ?
Version: GUT afrit deserto aggiornamento parte 1.7

After talking to this purple girl, I can’t find her.
Where is she? How can I find it

I got rid of enemy exp to remove grinding from the game completely. Only bosses give exp now and it’s basically enough to already fight the next boss when you get to it. Normal enemies drop good items now like food, equipment, and level up candies so that when you do choose to fight them you actually get something worth it.
Usually I have 1 or two rareish items that only drop from enemies that are slightly better gear than what you buy at the store. The idea being that if you get a few of these you’ll be able to beat the next boss with no real issue for people who have trouble and need to grind.


she’s around the city. You should look for her in some of the buildings.

ehi i have some question :first,how do i shake the tree in the elf update,second where do i found the white apple and third,i can’t place the tube in the goblin side quest at zonka

you can fix most of those by using the keyboard and not a mouse

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Not counting bugfixing I’ve officially finished the next update and it’s available on my Patreon now.
I’m also going to start releasing public builds an update behind for a number of reasons related to bug testing and honestly earning/time sunk into making the game. So expect a free and hopefully also bug free update to come out after I finish a smaller transitional area leading to the next town.


I was wondering how the update was going! I knew it was close to release, but I didn’t know how close.

Anyone know the password to the thieves guild? I keep trying to use the pad in the warehouse, but it won’t show the password when I interact with it.

Still working on it. Probably expect the free update before the end of the year unless something goes wrong.


I wouldn’t make a password without putting the answer somewhere nearby. I don’t like making buildings or rooms that don’t have any sort of point to them (jokes count as a point) so those are your clues.

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After a year not playing this game, I decided to replayed this game again and collecting all attunments and bad endings(though it seems automatically gets them), I don’t know why but this game, The Coven of Calahree, Feeder Fantasy, Dragon Expansion and lastly Olive And The Ruby Bra have a great replayability.
I’m hoping this will be a thing in the near future, Grimimic (the picture below)


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It’s coming out this year. Aiming for sooner rather than later, but there’s a lot of bugs getting me stuck.


sorry about that and thanks for the reply, I really like the story so far and can’t wait for more!