Gumia's Unbelted Terror :Elf Update Public Release: (Cave WIP on Patreon)

Wait a month or so because I’m about to release the patreon update “soonish”

Normally I have a monthly work in progress teir for $10, a $5 tier to play finished updates early, and a $3 teir where I post art.

But like I said I’m getting closer to finishing an update now it’s up to you if you want to see everything now or wait a bit until it’s all finished. I’m also trying to figure out better benefits for the $5 tier if anyone has any suggestions.


Okay, thank you for the message

I have a quick question, im new to this game and i have never played it, from what i saw on youtube stuffing is a big focus but is there also weight gain and change in sprites? like project F.A.T for example?

Most of the sprites from project fat are from this game


I posted this on your patreon, but i figured i would open it up to the community for their perspective - is there some sort of guide or walkthrough available for the game, so you know where to be heading, any sort of items in the area or NPCs to talk to, etc? im envisioning like how the old pokemon games had this guidebooks that showed you where to go, what to focus on, etc. would love your input!

Loved it so much!!! Nice game, well done

There was a guy making one once a long time ago but he stopped before finishing it. I’d like if there was a guide but I don’t have the time to make one myself. I don’t really talk about it much but I’ve been pushing the limits of what I can actually get done in a month already, but if someone came to me interested in making a guide I’d be willing to tell them about all the secrets and stuff I can remember.

I’ll post this over on patreon too in case anyone there is interested.

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ok thanks for the response

Been working on getting the next update out. I’m hoping to have the patreon version out this month, and then the public one out the month after.
Meanwhile here’s some art I made that will eventually get added into the game at some point in the future