Happy New Year, all!


Some of us are heavier than we started the year, some of us lighter, some haven’t changed much at all, but I hope you’re all headed in a direction that makes you happy.

Here’s to another pass around the sun.

Any New Year’s resolutions?

I’m hoping to outgrow the boxers my wife gave me for Christmas, and hear my chair squeek that much louder when I lean back.


It’s the year if the pig, so I’ll probably just double my gaining efforts


Heck yeah! Let’s make 2019 a big year for big people.


I wanna learn how to do a cartwheel.


Working 9 more month minimum on my game project is my only resolution. Doing it at my pace, with no rush.



Wrap my mind around Twine, and actually post something, lol.


My sorta game related resolution is to learn how to make a model in Blender from scratch.


Also to learn Quest and actually do something with it


Happy new year!

I want to at the very least make a simple weight gain visual novel this year, and see how that pans out.


thanks i just hope this year will be the year