Happy Thanksgiving and VSM Server up

We all here at Weight Gaming wanted to wish all our members! and the users that use this site every day a very happy and fattening Thanksgiving! To thank you all we are putting the alpha VSM server back up. Anyone who wishes to play it can play it here: http://webapp.weightgaming.com/vsm/

And a very special thanks to @cakecatboy for this awesome Thanksgiving pic of Willow and Graham enjoying the feast!


not sure if I forgot to send it your way or just plumb forgot in general, but here’s the 4k resolution version! happy thanksgiving to all of you!


Happy Thanksgiving! It’s an FA’s favorite holiday :turkey:

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From the UK, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Now get to it and fatten up on this day of days!!!

… At least until the second day of days Christmas arrives, then you can do it all over again~

I propose we have a Thanksgiving game contest!


Happy Thanksgiving