Heavy Arte-llary Fatfur RPG WIP

Click Link below to view a video: V

Showing off an RPG I started making years ago. Posting here because I kind of want some motivation to finish the game. …And maybe someone to help with graphics.


Oh, I remember this! I was actually looking for it a while back when I lost the file. I’d love to see it developed more. Definitely replaying it for old time’s sake if it returns.

Are you sure it was Heavy Arte-llary and not Earthquake Warriors? He was in both of them, except in the latter, only his head moved.

You can download a concept alpha here: Arte animation demo -- Earthquake-Warriors' Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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Ah, my bad. Art’s the same and my memory is shaky. Deepest apologies.

I never got around to finishing earthquake warriors either, though out of all the fat for RPG projects I started, that one is the closest to being finished. Would you like the file? It’s here: EQWRPG Official BETA 0.5 is HERE!!! -- Earthquake-Warriors' Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Naturally! Very much appreciate finding this again, and do hope you continue your work. Mediocrity like me envy anyone able to push through and make something.

That’s kind of why I stopped working on earthquake warriors is because it felt, well, mediocre. It felt like a bunch of ideas that weren’t fully realized period Then again, this was never meant to be a professional peace anyway. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing for it to not be the greatest thing ever.

It’s not much coming from a rando like me, but if you ever need a backboard to scream ideas at, I’m here. Er, I’m at Error Nulll#9227 on Discord, but hey. Technicalities. Game design and story writing is something I have plenty of fun messing with, but don’t have the commitment to pull through with.

This game sounds amazing I’ve been playing DQ TACT just to get all the fat monsters in the game but this game sounds like it would be the kinda game I’d like to play and the longer turns you take to get more points is an amazing idea I’ve never got to experience a mechanic like that in a game it’s usually finish the battle the fastest plus the main character is a fat rat I’ve never played as a fat rat that has character art

Yeah, me too, but dang it, Nimzo hates me and doesn’t want to be on my team. Neither does Night Clubber.

Fat Rat’s kinda a fave of mine, though Tuskateer is my absolute fave. He is so goofy. Plus, when I am up to it, Arte is fun to animate. I am still trying to think of all the attacks he gets, though, and all the enemies, but I am hoping that I can get some interest that motivates me to finish this game, especially in time for the festival.

I know right I’ve been getting tons of monsters to where I have all the A rank monsters but most S rank characters won’t join me I do have Night Clubber though his accuracy is pretty low though