Heavy Defence

it is the year XXXX, and mankind is fighting a war against an enemy they’d never thought would exist: aliens, mechanoid aliens in the form of anime girls with combat rigs. fortunately for humankind, these mechanoids have one known weakness: sweets( and other food). now by feeding them to immobility, capturing, and reprogramming(IE, bribing them with food), earth finally stands a chance against these invaders

…basically a first person/topdown defense game. shoot food at gacha style anime girls based on tanks, planes, and boats till they’re immobile and “die”/disappear, and when the wave ends you can choose a select few to join your side, where in you can plop them down on your side and have them fight off any enemies that come into range. mechs on your side start out immobile, and lose weight while fighting till they’re thin again, in which they disappear(either permanently or just for the battle). special note would be upgrading and adding ammo types to your main gun, like carrots that pierce enemies or cakes that explode for an AoE. overall just a dumb idea i thought out a while ago and my brain went with it.

if anyone is interested in doing something with it, then go ahead. additional ideas could be having food type be more effective against certain mech types, or having allied mechs be more effective at taking down other types(like a weapon triangle)


It’s kind of a cute idea, and could probably be pretty fun if done tongue-in-cheek. Good luck generating enough assets for it, though.