Heavy Ordnance Version 0.21

Damn, that start for the 2nd level was badass, got me really hyped.

Spoilers for level 2 stuff:

Enjoyed a ton the growth system, specially as you change the capacity for energy, went around the level and found the fan at the start and the room with a computer and a brick, most likely there is more to find but didnt expect such a cool update and so soon.


I agreed with Kaiser_Dragon here.

I enjoy with everything and I like all new weapons and giant form.


OH GOD, THIS UPDATE IS HOOOOT!!! In many ways. Everything is good, the first tank really surprised me, I even got my first death, game become way harder, and it is great. But, were presents this high?


Awesome update! The 2nd level is definitely a step up in difficulty, especially once the enemies start launching grenades. A little challenge is good, though, and it was a ton of fun to smash through things in the new giant form. I couldn’t resist taking it back through as much of the level as I could to see if I could do anything with it, and, well…

I don’t think there’s a door there… (It’s the room with long, sloped hallways leading to and from it. The door that’s somehow within activation range seems to be the one on the floor below, right under where I’m standing.)

Also, I almost got myself stuck in a butt slam again:

And although I forgot to take a screenshot, I also nearly got myself stuck in the corner with the computer in the hidden room with the brick. I was just trying to jump on the computer to grab the brick, but I ended up sliding into the corner, and I had to butt slam to break the computer so I could get out.

On that note, I did struggle a bit with controlling my momentum at higher weights. The controls almost started to feel slippery, like I was moving around on ice. I guess it makes sense… Kind of gave me a hard time in places, though.

And hi there, protagonist of another game!


Welp. I tried to fix the display but obviously it was ineffective! I’ll try to figure something else out for this.

That’s interesting! Your interact radius increases with your size and it should be checking if there’s anything in the way, but I guess the floor doesn’t count because you’re standing on it. This should be easy to fix.

The broken tube topology is definitely unfriendly. I should just slap a cylinder on there.

That sucks! You can always reload if you break something accidentally, but that’s not the best solution. The jet usually works but it just takes a few seconds, I might try to make it more useful in those situations.

This is definitely a candidate for a slider. It’s supposed to be more of a physicality effect than a difficulty thing.


I noticed a bug, and IDK how exactly to replicate it as it’s one or comboed with a second things:

if you do a finisher near a stone column the unit will live and be clipped halfway in the floor and become undamageable… but I personally have only had it happen when another attack is in progress such as tail swipe or dash but it might be because clearing cover often puts me near them when they are behind a column


That’s weird! I haven’t seen that one before. There’s a bug where the grab attack can hang if they get staggered right when it starts, this might be a related thing. Assuming they just stand still afterwards and aren’t still attacking they’re probably stuck in the “waiting to get absolutely mauled” state, which makes them invulnerable to avoid the aforementioned bug. The easiest way to deal with that would probably just be to auto-kill them after a certain amount of time.

Has this happened more than once?

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Wait you can have no suit? How?? I played through the whole game and didn’t see an option for that, and that was the one thing I was thinking that this game needed lol


I said this on the itch.io page about a month ago in the first version of the game and I’ll say it again here, this game is incredible. Absolutely cannot wait for new updates


You can skip getting the suit in the first area of level 1, you used to have to push a barrel from the suit room and use it to make a really hard jump but as of 0.2 you can just use the air spin move. The suit is required to use the jet boost though so leaving it off elsewhere is impractical. Maybe once I’ve added a lot more game I’ll think about some alternate costumes.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

As I mentioned in the devlog I had already made most of the new content in 0.2 by the initial release but hadn’t fully implemented it, so the next big update is going to take longer than this one did. I hope it will be worth the wait!


it happened a few times, 3 or 4

also it’s pretty easy to get them unstuck, just go to another room and they spawn in their normal location and act like any other unit it’s just weird it happens


Ahh, okay. Welp, time to replay the game again, lol. Also, an update will be well worth the wait, I really like the red… “energy” stuff, pretty neat, would be cool to see that in use again but much more prominently, or another colour perhaps?


That sucks a little bit but I guess this is what I get for carbon-copying a game feature from notoriously stable & consistent video game TES V Skyrim (2011). In the next release they will have the courtesy to die automatically if the animation hangs for too long, which will still be janky but is slightly preferable to being frozen until you leave & come back.

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The Update Was Great and the mission was very Nice & the Growth

I’m slowly seeing a Classic Doom Arsenal being formed which I love


Just finished playing through the game for the first time, and I had a lot of fun with it! Gonna leave my thoughts/suggestions as a quick bullet point list:

  • I don’t seem to be able to bind keys to mouse buttons. I have a five-button mouse, and it would be nice to bind tail slap and charge to the two side buttons.
  • As others have said, a toggle for the suit would be nice. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy for now, just a check box at the bottom of the level select menu. I can understand the desire not to allow naked runs, since you’d have to account for the player not having access to the jetpack when designing levels, but it seems a shame to have the model and only use it once.
  • First person mode is a bit rough due to a number of factors. First, it seems like bullets actually fire from the location of the gun itself, meaning that if you peek out from the left side of the wall, your bullets might hit the wall despite the crosshair being unobstructed. Second, as others have said, some animations such as charging and door opening are a bit abrupt and lurchy.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this game! The dialogue and level design are amazing, and while the combat can feel a bit rough around the edges sometimes, it’s still fun and rewarding.

Oh, and @FatAzureDragon , any chance of getting some out of suit pics during the macro sequence and during the excess weight sequence after?


I enjoyed the new level a lot, the macro mechanic really surprised me, I didn’t expect that, I can’t wait for the next update


That would entail figuring out how the macro mechanic works first. I’m pretty sure excess weight is just 100% weight as I showed before as I saw no real changes when one went over 100%.

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It’s honestly turning out a little bit more Quake-y. Even when I made a game that was nominally a DOOM (1993) pastiche it ended up being superficially DOOM-inspired but playing a lot like Quake. This may not be a meaningful distinction. Anyway.

Yeah, I think the idea behind this was to prevent accidentally binding controls to a mouse movement axis, but there’s probably a way to do that while still allowing the mouse buttons. Or maybe just a toggle that allows all mouse input so you at least have to opt in to the possibility of accidental bindings. Will add to the to-do list.

The way I would want to do this is probably some kind of alternate costume system, where you can select (maybe have to unlock?) different outfits when replaying a level you’ve already beaten. This is the kind of extra thing that I would normally want to work on after getting more content done, but I guess there’s sufficient popular demand for this to become a feature sooner rather than later.

I can can definitely try and fix/mitigate the shooting into walls by moving the weapon automatically to the center line when there’s something in the way or having it move whenever you zoom. Maybe both.

As for the first-person animations, some of that is a little bit baked in, unfortunately. There’s some explicit camera snapping that happens on specific melee attacks to prevent you from being able to look down and see your own back. It’s meant to be imperceptible, but could still be unpleasant. I might look into smoothing out the camera movement a little bit. There is already a feature to snap to third person mode for opening doors, though, in the settings menu under Gameplay Options.


Updated! Version 0.21 contains a bunch of bugfixes and some new features, including some new game modes to improve replayability. Thanks to @TheFoxyDragon for their contributions to this release!