hello everybody(To introduce myself)

Hello, I am a boy from China (add Mr. Because feel cool)


Welcome friend! I hope you enjoy our little community here. We’ve got fat lovers from all over the world and generally the people here are really friendly :grin:


Welcome! Happy to have you here with us!


Welcome in this community !


i will tell you my QQ number :127805883

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No, you can add mine: 2109185857

@Mr.zheng and @54llk you can always use the private message feature by clicking on the name of the person you want to message. And then selecting the “message” option from the banner that pops up. This might be useful if you don’t want certain information available for anyone to see. You can also do this by click on your own name and under the “messages” tab there will be a “New Message” option to the left where you can start a new private message to someone.

你总是可以通过点击你想留言的人的名字来使用私人留言功能。然后在弹出的横幅上选择 "消息 "选项。如果你不希望某些信息被任何人看到,这可能是有用的。你也可以通过点击你自己的名字,在 "信息 "标签下,左边会有一个 "新信息 "选项,你可以开始给某人发送一个新的私人信息。

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