Hello everybody

Fist time come here.
Happy to see lot of BBW lover.
I have drow the BBW picture and have little weight gain game idea.
If i meet the trouble, wish you can help me.

Oh! And i am not at English. Usually i use google translate, when i am reading.

And this is what i done before.


Well, welcome Minax! We understand that you do wanna communicate, and it’s a lovely picture, but Google Translate isn’t exactly the best way to do that, as it’s often “basic”. But, I do believe you can set the site to your native language? But, I do hope to see you more here!

Thank you.
My native language is Chinese, and i didn’t see the button to change language to Chinese.
But I’ll try hard, and try to stay here.

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Not a problem! I do have a friend whose learning languages, so I could probably suggest him to you, in case you wanna learn English ^^

But yeah, other than that, I do think you’ll fit in quite well!

Okay, If i need, I’ll find you to help me.
But i need to focus on my basic skill in here, like painting.
And thank you a lot.

Very nice. Do you post any more of your art anywhere else? You are pretty good.

ah! you came here. He is my friend, I introduced him to come here.

Ooooh, okay! Well thank you, he seems really talented!

i will, if you want.
But my speed is not really quick.

His pixiv: 豐雅's illustrations/manga - pixiv

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You do some very nice work. I hope that you will find this community will be helpful with you game idea!

Thank you.
And I also wish can get help in here.

Some SSBBW draw

First is from Yu-Gi-Oh!
She is ドラゴンメイド・ナサリー.

Second is from 封呪姫.
Here is website: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ183994.html