Hello, hello!

Hey guys, I have been quite the lurker on the old site but since we are starting anew I might as well try to be active!

Glad I’m not alone! We may have lost the old posts, but if we get more new faces around here it’ll all be worth it!

Your profile picture looks familiar… I’ll be up all night trying to remember why~

The picture is by Selphy6 on Furaffinity and Deviantart if that helps!

Welcome! Happy to have you with us!


It’s someone’s OC, and selphy6 drew it for them; it’s a mimiga from Cave story… But I’ve never played that, so I must be remembering it from something else. Or maybe people just like mimiga! Thanks for the hint!

Well, it’s one of my characters that I commissioned from him, and he is a mimiga from Cave Story, sorry about the confusion!

Ohh, I should have guessed it was your OC! Thanks for clearing that up! He’s real cute!

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