Hello! I'm new here.

Ello! My name is Phoenix and I am attracted to fat women as a side kink/fetish. I think I know what this forum is about (games about weight gain), but I’m not quite sure. Can someone give me a rundown, please?


Can’t speak for everybody but that’s the gist of it! Games about making a fat of she (and sometimes he but that’s not for everyone)
most projects here are still being developed, so make sure you check out a lot of topics to find those you’re interested in and click the notification bell to be notified when someone posts on the thread (i know i sound like a youtuber i’m sorry)

If you aren’t comfortable with posting or replying (some people are shy and thats ok :heart:) feel free to lurk!
I think i can speak for the others when i say we’re happy to have you here.


aw thank you! I’m very much a new coder, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to test or code games, but I’ve been an author for longer than I can remember and can help with plot/story writing, world-building, and character creating :slight_smile:

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hi phoenix_dreaming hope you have fun

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Welcome aboard!

Echoing what has been said already, but do please peruse the Projects and Curated Projects for community-developed games of all sorts. Along with our past game jam (or “Gain Jam” as we call them here) competitions, you should hopefully find something enjoyable to play!

Use the Replies, Views and Activity thread filters to help find what’s hot and popular, as well as the forum tags to help navigate the forum and find specific interests.

Happy browsing! Perhaps you may even feel so inspired to submit a project yourself one day? In any case, have fun!


I sure hope I can code a weight game someday! I’m much more used to writing stories to test out an idea, but maybe I could base a game off a story.

How are games tested? Are they files downloaded to your laptop/computer, and then you open a file that adds the game to your device? Can they be opened in your web browser? Also, where do you find games that need to be tested? (You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to lol. I’m sure I’ll find out eventually :slight_smile:)

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Nice to see i am also new