Hello my Beautiful People!

Hello all of my beautiful readers! My name is WolfyBrigade, but you can call me Wolfy!

I have been a long time lurker on this site, and I think it’s time to finally introduce myself to all of you glorious furs! I am an aspiring fetish writer, and have released a few stories over on my FA, found here: Userpage of TheNewWolfBrigade -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

I am sorry for the self plug, but I have no idea what else to shove here! I hope all of you have an amazing day or night, and keep being amazing!


Welcome! Hope to see you around the site c:

Thank you Zoe! I plan to be… sort of active on here.

I plan on making a Twine game, so who knows how that will go!

Happy to have you here with us! Also, dont worry about the plug, you can do it here np. And good luck on your twine game!

There are a lot of lurkers coming out now… Welcome

Thank you so much, and I appreciate the support! I’m new to Twine and still figuring it out, but I’m hoping I can do a good job with it!

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Well Mysterious, I may be one of the weirder lurkers out there~
But thank you for the warm welcome! It means a lot!