Hello there! ^^


Hi, I’m a furry named Carephrii, also known as FerreTrip. I’m a big fan of fatfur and a big fan of gaming, and it sounds like this place combines the best of those worlds. If anyone’s looking for a composer, feel free to give me a poke!


Well I’m always glad to meet another fat fur! ^w^ If you ever wanna talk or need a hand just ask me, I’ve been around the site for a while.


O-o-o-h fello fatfur

Nice to see a new guy! Here’s to hoping you enjoy your stay.


Hello! I also just arrived here a little while ago as well, fun times all around.


Welcome to the site!. We are happy to have you all here with us!


I like fat furs too. Have you played Fatty Text Adventure Game yet?


Yes! I someday want to try and make my own, but I’m not sure how I want to do it–the basic java game like no_one’s, or as a visual novel or something.