Help finding a game

Here are all the facts I know about the game:

  • There was multiple races, I remember one specifically called “Post-Humans”.
  • It was similar to Tainted Elysium, but not the same.
  • It was a web game.
  • I remember it being text-adventure.
  • It had weight gain elements, pretty sure it was weight gain focused.
  • At around the start of the game, I think there was like this image of a plump purple space-y mouse thing.
  • I remember a big system in the game was called “memories”, which I think was the game’s “save files”.
  • I remember that you could also mutate from exposure to certain things and gain abilities.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, please let me know anything that may vaguely sound like this!

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Sounds like Boundless, there’s a lot of history around the different versions, probably worth checking out this thread for more info.


Yes! That’s it! Dude, you’re the best!