Help with bath house goddess

So I’ve been trying to finish the quest from the Nostordamus mod with the goddess in the bathhouse. the belly scanner says I’m at about 3700, but if i eat a single pancake it goes to over 100,000. even with this, though, every time i try to see the goddess again it says my belly is too small. Is the quest just unfinished or am i missing something?

are you using nost’s mod with my mod?

crap i think so forgot that was a thing

that’s probably why that’s a thing that’s happening.

easy solution is to just replace abdomen.organ with the original abdomen.organ file. this will get rid of my changes to stomach volume, but it will make it compatible again

I did a number of modifications to the nost mod files in my own copy of the game, more by copying dovah’s stuff in whenever these prevented story progression. It’s nice to have more content, even if said content is clunky, imbalanced, poorly edited and actually kinda railroaded (someone really likes their futas, lol).

I think FM has more mechanical complexity than is healthy; becomes too hard to do things without breaking something else at the same time and having to edit everything when you make behind-the-scenes changes takes up valuable dev time.

That’s on reason i haven’t updated nost’s mod. it’s just so much work for too little benefit on my part

probably should have just waited a minute for the response but instead totally reinstalled the game and loaded the mods using the compatibility method you have mentioned and everything works fine as long as you only use one proxy, thanks for the help