I dont think im able to continue the milk barn quest. I ended up starting the quest line with a futanari and went from there. After i got the transformation serum and used it i could no longer progress. I did everything at the farm that i could for a few months then went to the village and nothing changed. Besides 1 tiny bit of dialogue.

The Milk Barn Quest ends itself if you allow Karin to become a futa. You can only complete the quest if she remains female.

I never got to her as i never got there. I cant progress after using the vial on myself as a futanari it just sorta stops.

Have you discovered the Kau Village yet?

Yes i need to discover it to get the serum

First off, I’m assuming you do actually have Nost’s mod installed…

To open up the milk barn area, you need to have passed the trials the village chief offers you; to get to that point, you have to be far enough in Dr. Felis’ questline with that particular proxy. The farm and transformation are unrelated.

Frankly I think a lot of Nost’s mod could be better handled, and that whole part of the questline is one of my bigger gripes - it doesn’t mesh with the established story and blocks you from progressing multiple questlines until you show up with a proxy with ridiculous breasts.

If you want to skip the chief’s demands, you can merge the contents of the attached zip with your gamedata folder and enter the debug room with the proxy you want to use, which should automatically apply the proper flag saying it’s been done; while this works for the milk barn and bathhouse quests, you’ll probably still need to do the trials to complete the Felis/Olivia quest as there’s still a second set of flags in play. (745 Bytes)

I would need some help as well…
I cant get mods to work :c
Can someone briefly explaing what exactly I have to do?

It’s not really complicated, but just saying they don’t work doesn’t really help troubleshoot the issue.

Generally speaking: Your Fetish Master folder has a gamedata folder where all the images, events, etc. are stored. Mods also have a gamedata folder - all you do is copy the contents of the mod’s gamedata folder into the game’s gamedata folder. If you’re prompted to overwrite files, overwrite files, although occasionally mods will overwrite the same files and might not play nice together.

Even though I asked in a really bad way, you told me exactly what I needed, thanks a lot :heart:

Now that i finished the milk battle what is left to do in the milk barn? And whats the fastest way to win the eating contest/olivia quest. I have been training my proxy for months but i aleays seem to lose/not have enough stomach space

The milk barn quest continues on pretty much the same way it did up until the start of the showdown, until it eventually tells you you’re done.

As for the eating contest, you may need to complete the bathhouse/shrine quest up until a certain point to unlock a better training method. Note that if you’re using Dohavocom/Juxtaterrestrial’s Belly Mod, you’re more or less blocked from finishing just about any questline from Nost’s mod aside from the milk barn and maybe the elf stuff.