Heroes on a Budget - An RPG where the heroes get fat off of healing items

That sucks, best of luck with the repairs


If it’s just the power supply that’s gone then you should be able to just plug the hard drive into your old PC. Obviously you have the game on a flash drive but if there was any other work you hadn’t backed up you should be able to access it that way.

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It’s just a guess, I’m not a hardware guy. I’m happy to blow a little extra money if it means I don’t screw something myself. Plus the power supply thing is just a guess, since less and less of the pc lit up every attempt I made to start it up. Could possibly be the motherboard too, but I don’t think so. Literally everything was fine until I tried to turn it on today.

It should only be out of commission for a week or so if it isn’t serious, if is serious I’ll just abandon the little extra work I got done after I backed the game up and just continue work here.

Claire needs some of her weight gain sprites anyway, that’s the first thing I need to do while I’m stuck.


PC is in the shop now. Hopefully it’s just a faulty power supply, but as long as it isn’t the graphics card, I can pay for the replacement parts (it shouldn’t be, since my issue was the thing turning on in general, which the graphics card doesn’t have any part in).

I’m working on Claire’s sprites right now, but the first thing I need to do is to make her sprite match the artwork I made (though with the breast plate on). This includes changing the trim on the pauldron, top skirt, and belt buckle layer to silver, changing the trim on the bottom skirt and belt to pink, removing the pauldron on the right arm, slimming the breastplate down a bit, adding the pink neck plate, and removing the weird double skirt thing on the left side of the sprite.

Here’s the standing down sprite to show more clearly what I mean. Left is new, right is old:
Claire Show off

I could also use some ideas for more blob gameplay mechanics. The way it works when it’s either blob Claire or Sarah’s time of day you get a few interactions on what you want to do. Ophelia doesn’t have a playable blob state. She gets slimmed back down to weight level 9 by an experimental potion that only she can take with a huge penalty to max MP and HP each time.

When you switch to either Sarah or Claire blobs, you will switch to a care taker/servant character. These characters are comprised of the ones you can recruit to come with you over the course of the game. If you don’t have any of those characters, a maid from the inn you’re staying at will be chosen instead. An example of one of these characters is the succubus Sarah can recruit in chapter 1. You can either do one of the universal interactions with the blob character in question, or servant specific jobs around town. These servants won’t be able to wander around town during that character’s time of day, but they can go to specific locations around town based on their profession/who they are. So the Succubus will be able to earn money by working at the Thieves Guild for example. Sarah and Claire will also have access to unique jobs while immobile you can unlock by meeting certain requirements (I have Sarah’s worked out, but not Claire’s yet).

For the most basic interactions with the servants I’m at a little bit of a loss for things beyond just feeding the blob (and even then, I don’t know what benefits I want to give to the party for doing so).

I also want the still mobile party members to have interactions with blob characters too. So, in exchange for losing a party member, you get access to new activities for the rest of the playable characters. So far I have “eat with them” and “rest on belly” as ideas. “Eat with them” will basically be another restaurant option for 1 character. It’ll be give the most Max HP and have a similar cost to the max size meal, but in exchange for that the character will gain WAY more weight than the restaurant (so it’s more time and cost efficient for 1 character, but less weight efficient. It’s also less time efficient if you want both remaining characters to be gaining more max HP). “Rest on Belly” is going to be an improved resting activity, but what benefits it provides I haven’t decided yet.

EDIT: Claire’s sprite armor redesign is finished. Now to start actually making the weight gain sprites.

EDIT 2: Got word back, it’s very likely the power supply. I bought the replacement part, just waiting for them to put it in and test it (it turned on when they put in the power supply they were using for testing).


Thinking of potential blob events, I suppose the first thing to ask is what hobbies Sarah and Claire have, or ones they might develop after hitting the blob level. Playing a game, reading books, or something like that.

It could also be something the character had always wanted to do, but just never got the chance before. To take Claire as an example (assuming my memory is correct and Claire is the Fighter), she might be poorly educated and possibly illiterate. So, when she achieves blob-hood, she decides to apply herself to studying in a way she’s never done before. I mean, she can’t really be an athlete of the body anymore, so she might as well be an athlete of the mind, right?

This could also feed into future events, with Claire having some obscure information the party needs, or a cipher that she can solve since she’s spent much of the last while reading books on codes.

Another potential idea is an unwanted romantic pursuer. We all know the stereotypical pig orcs, though I always thought it was really odd they’d find humans and elves attractive, since they’re about as far from a female orc as it’s possible to get.

You can probably see where I’m going with this. Our planetary protagonist has grown fat enough that they’re suddenly very attractive by orc standards, and a local pig boy is now trying his hand at romance. Bringing flowers (made of bacon), reading books of love advice, asking other party members for a hint to the character’s heart, etc.

Obviously this is just me spitballing here, just a couple things that hopefully spark the creative juices.


PC is back up and running again. Just replaced the power supply and we’re all good again.


I got another sprite with animations completed. Probably won’t see it in this next update though.

The Claire sprites I got done while the PC was down are now implemented.

filled out more of the blob gameplay

Succubus down sprites are done

I also changed a lot of the menu sound effects. I wanted the game to stand out a bit, and the default rpgmaker MV menu sounds can be a bit obnoxious. I’d appreciate some feedback on my choices once this next update is out. To give an idea of what sounds like now, it’s a bit like Resident Evil 0’s menu sounds but not as high pitched or crisp sounding if that makes any sense.


Adding some quality of life features into the game as well as an addition to the magic learning system.

I have made everything that can be interacted with in the inn room either sparkle or have a ring pulsate around it. This way, no one plays the game and completely misses a feature because something was hidden in the background (the diet system would easily be missed for example, since the menu for that is on that bread shelf in the back of the room).

Claire’s current laziness and Sarah’s current gluttony stats are told to you whenever you switch to their part of the day. I’ll probably change this from giving the numeric value into some flavor text that gives you an idea that something is wrong (or right, depending on what you are trying to do), and just leave the numeric value in the journal.

The lady in the element school will allow you to remove the 4 basic element spells and the mobility spell, to keep them from cluttering Ophelia’s spell menu.

You will be able to add and remove any spell you have learned by going to its crystal (this allows for organizing Ophelia’s spell list).

I made the vanity in the inn room into a menu that allows you to remove and give equipment to party members you aren’t playing as. This way, you don’t have to wait until the time you get to play as that character or until you’re in the adventure field to equip your characters with the new gear you bought.

I also added some element resistance spells that can be learned, but it’s a bit different from the normal spells. To get these, all you need to do is learn 5 new spells for the element you want to resist (or 3 for shock and ice). The single target resist spells need 5 (3 for ice and shock) and the party resist spells need all 10 (6 for ice and shock). For doing this with the attack/defence buffing spells, Ophelia gets 50 extra MP for what would be the first spell, and 50 more for the second one. Fire, Earth, and Water resistance spells reduce the chance for burn, poison, and wet status ailments respectively. Wind, Shock and Ice don’t have status ailments, so they just reduce more damage instead.

I also added the Mobility+ spell, which is a full party target spell for buffing agility. Ophelia will just learn this at level 20 (about halfway through a playthrough).


Dagger enchanting system is now in place. To use it, all you need is a normal dagger that no one has equipped, got to one of the element crystals in the magic academy’s western basement, and pick which element you want. You can also disenchant them by taking any non-equipped dagger that’s enchanted and selecting it. This is all free and doesn’t take any time out of your day.

Earth and Wind elemental spaces are now finished and can now be traveled to.

The element learning system is now fixed and fully functional. I also changed how getting the stress eater perk for Ophelia works. Now whenever you eat snacks while studying you gain progress to becoming a stress eater, but now that progress can decay by 1 every day you don’t eat those snacks (but only if your stress is very low too, otherwise it will just stay as is).

Currently, you can now learn the first tier of Fire and Earth spells by spending elemental 15 XP (for each spell), with the water spells now ready to go, just need to implement them.

I got one of the events for the dungeon’s Willpower path done. It’s a switch puzzle that requires a boulder to be placed on a switch. I do need to make the second part though, where green, blue, and yellow, switches can be weighed down if a party member is fat enough to meet the requirements. Red switches will always need a boulder to be pushed onto them to be solved. This switch is blue, the one with the lowest weight requirement, but I will have the other switches appear in later chapters.


Burnout and mild hand injuries (sprained wrist I think) suck. Good news is that I have something new to report: All of the Tier 1 magic spells are in the game and are able to be learned in the Magic Academy.

Some minor changes to how I want the elements to function:

Fire: Does fairly standard damage, but all spells have a passive ability to add the burn state.
Earth: Does fairly standard damage (but is scaled off of the magic attack stat and against the target’s normal defense stat). Also spells that allow you poison targets.
Ice: High damage and has a low damage variability (it’s more consistant, neither doing bonus damage or doing less than usual).
Wind: Weak damage, but has spells for hitting all targets or for hitting a single target multiple times.
Shock: Fairly weak damage, but highest damage potential of all if used against wet targets. Attacks of this element will also usually go first.

This task was so dull that it killed my motivation for a while. Sorry about that. Thankfully it’s over now for this chapter, and I only have to do it a couple more times over the game’s development.


It seems like you have a good idea on how to vary combat enough to make it fun. Sounds exciting.


Blob gameplay is starting to be fleshed out now.

Sleeping on top of a blob character now gives that character a 2% HP regen per turn in combat as well as the normal resting bonuses. This buff lasts until the next time you end the character’s segment of the day (so you get a full day to do what you wish with that character, ideally going to the adventure field, and then it wears off). This does not fully replace the bed as a resting option, since you need to keep the blob character fed either by having them dine with another character, or being served by the servant during the blob character’s part of the day, which costs money and possibly weight gain on the other characters.


Got the groundwork for Ophelia developing a fetish in. Doing certain actions or Ophelia seeing certain things can cause her to develop a fetish at the end of the day. A cutscene will play, and you will be given the choice of whether or not you want it to develop. If you say no, you can still get it later by doing something else that triggers the fetish, but you will not get another chance with the same trigger. Since its permanent for the run, I made it much harder for someone to accidently develop the fetish, then to accidently decline it. The fetish is a mostly benign effect that usually just effects dialogue, but there will be parts of the game where having the fetish will make certain quests easier, give more solutions, or more difficult depending on the context. The easiest way to get it is to have every character that isn’t a blob become bloated all on the same day. There were also be a variation of the fetish perk that comes with a purely negative effect of consistent weight gain as a consequence of another decision (still, you can opt out of this, but it will give a different penalty in its place).

I added a check for the end of day weight gain calculation. What it does is prevent some of the passive forms of weight gain from taking effect if no one has gained any weight yet. So you won’t have your zero weight gain run screwed over by the fortune teller’s random effects because you got a bad roll.

I also added a feature that will not be useable/obtainable for a while, good chance not until at least chapter 4 or so, a hand mirror. What the hand mirror does is it shows you options for standing cg of the characters. It has options for opacity at intervals of 20% and is able to be used at any time CG isn’t blocked. I have a functioning system to temporarily disable standing cg when needed. It will have a large version a of a single character on the left side of the screen while in town, and a small version of every character in the party when in the adventure field. Each weight stage for each character (except blob, since you don’t control them the same way you do the others) will have it’s own CG. This is not a priority, and could take quite a while before it’s able to be used in game, but I have all the systems in place to implement easily when it is.


quick poll, which platform is everyone planning on playing on? I’m considering raising the horizontal resolution to better fit a pc monitor, but I don’t know if I should or not based on what everyone is using. I don’t want to exclude mobile players, but the resolution stretch will likely make the game look very small, so I want to know if I should just leave it as is and maybe do a higher res version after the game is finished, or if I should make the resolution bigger and maybe make a mobile version later if that makes it too hard to see.

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  • Android (Please specify if not a phone)

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If you are really worried about that, you can just deploy two separate builds and adjust accordingly.
Unless you are doing some weird HUD tricks, it shouldn’t take too much to change around things specifically for the mobile version.


I love how linux has more people playing games than Mac