Hey everyone!

Hello! Been lurking with no account for a few months now, and got inspired to try my hand at making a game. It’s only a 10-15 minute experience so far with no real gaining content (art is hard!), but it’s been a blast to make it!

I’ll probably post it in the projects section within the next few days, after I’ve obsessively combed over what it is there for typos and bugs. :slight_smile:


welcome, fellow lurker!

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Welcome to the forums. We look forward to what you’ll post.

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Welcome to fat forums! What type of game are you making my dude?

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An RPG maker game! My plan was to do something like the LISA RPG, with multiple party members you can change between as you go, each of them with their own little sidequest to increase their power and weight. I haven’t put any actual fat or gaining content in it yet, so I’m hesitant to post it anywhere.

Wait, was lisa rpg the really dark one? Are you making something really dark too??

No, I just like the switching out characters mechanic, and that’s where I first heard of it from. It’s just going to be a lighthearted fantasy setting. There’s probably more games with that kind of thing I probably could have referenced, whoops.

Hehehe, yeah, that was not the best example. Do you have characters or lore thought out, other than just taking place in a fantasy setting?

Oh yeah, I’ve thought of the lore and characters, at least enough to work on sections without hobbling myself in the future. The protagonist goes through the world solving local problems while also discovering words of ancient power and the forces behind them. I also have the personalities, general appearances, and combat roles of the possible party members outlined. It’s one of those story ideas that rolls around my head and morphs over time, unless I manage to start making it and actually nailing things down.

Hey, c-can… can we see?

Sure! I finally worked up the nerve to post the majority of what I have over in the projects section. Hopefully that’s the right place for it.

Welcome! And I look forward to seeing what you have planned!

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