Hey guys!

Hi, I’m NeoGen, I’m a gainer and encourager (as well as a macro enthusiast and furry), and I guess I joined weight gaming not only for the games but also for people to talk to. I don’t really know anyone into this kinda stuff, or at least I haven’t really communicated with anyone into this stuff (my staple artists include dragomike, blue (minnagowaseiryu on DA), phraggle, and Dobie takamara (tubbynerdyswampert)). I’m not actually sure whether or not I’m gay or asexual, or somewhere in between (I thought I was gay, but I haven’t been so sure of that lately). But yeah, I wanna get to know other people better.


Welcome, bud. Enjoy the site and try not to stress out so much on your sexuality. Just appreciate what you do when you do and don’t worry about the labels.

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Welcome! Happy to have you here with us and I hope you will have fun interacting with the members of our little community!

Heh, yeah man, gotta get those gains! And, like what fervus said, don’t worry about your sexuality too much, you’ll find out whenever you find out.

Also, since this is welcoming you, howdy!