Hey snack cakes

Didn’t realize there even was a forum for intros, so let me get a bit more proper with y’all.

I’m Levi, running the tumblr blogs of hungryleviathan, cakehog, and bigbostoncream among others. Others might know me from FA as Rollytiger. If you’re familiar, you know I draw and write a lot of weight gain related stuff (with affiliation for inflation and vore as well). I’m also a friend of impossiblesnail on here and as I mentioned in their game thread, I helped with writing and play testing the super fatty rpg.

hope to see ya around


Welcome! pleased to read (XD ) a new face around here.

Have a great time!

Great to have you here! It’s always nice to read people’s introductions, especially when they lead to new stories and art~

Welcome to the forum! Happy to have you here!