Heyo, I'm Gee/Sato, I draw fats.

Heyo, ive been waiting out on actually making an introduction cuz i’m lazy, so I guess I’ll finally make one lol.

I’m Gee, Most people know me as Sato or by my Deviant Art name, Genpis-Chong. I’m a shitty artist who enjoys drawing fat anime garbage, as well as being a writer. I’m mostly here to enjoy the wonderful games made by the talented members of this site, as well as maybe help out in a few.

I made thisssssss

And thissssssssssssss

So uhh yeah, theres my introduction.


They are so hecking cute! I love it lots! keep up the amazin work!

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Thanks! Glad you like my hideous art lmao.

I dont think it’s hideous, its amazin to me! and leagues above whatever I could do, as I lack the ability to draw faces in any sort of way!

Stop this auto-degradation at once. It is not shitty art, it might not be up to your standards but it definitely is not bad


Cute! Especially that first girl!

Welcome and I have so say you work is quite good for being

Jokes aside nice work and welcome! I hope you will find our little corner of the internet to your liking and maybe a project or two you would like to help out on.

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