Guess I should do one of these, though I’m sure I’ve been vocal enough that a fair number of people have already gotten their ear talked off by me >.>.

I’m Droark! A computer engineer in school and a writer for a number of projects in the community here. If you need some writing done, I can probably help ya out! Otherwise, it’s great to be here. You should all drop by the IRC some time to chat us up, as the PbP group I’ve gathered and I often hang out in there along with the GRAND WIZARD KILIF, LORD OF THE SEVEN CIRCLE, DRAGONFRIEND, AND SAGE OF THE IRON MOUNTAIN!!!

Happy hunting!

Well, welcome! to the forums! I’m glad to have you around!

O hai, Doloko.
What a familiar face! Have we met before?
I have this uncanny feeling that I know you from somewhere.
Perhaps a past life?