hi, i guess.

hi, guys, i’m firesoul. call me whatever, I don’t mind. i’m probably not going to be too interactive outside of critiques and feedback, considering being open about my interests isn’t really something that comes naturally yet.

as for why i’m talking in lower case so much- my shift keys are really janky and it’s more effort than it’s worth. :-\

I’ve been enjoying the forum so far, and i’m glad to see so many familiar names [and some new ones] coming together. here’s to some great games!

Welcome to the forums! I’m glad you’re enjoying your stay thus far, and if you’re just giving critique/feedback, I’m sure the others on here will appreciate it, especially the developers.

Welcome to the forum!

I was there once and it really is a journey so don’t try and rush it or anything. I didn’t open up to anyone about it till i was like 26. Let me tell you that was a stressful conversation but it was well worth it in the end. It’s only gotten better since them. Now I’m not going to be showing up at a belly/fat pride parade anytime soon but if the topic was to come up I’d be reasonably confidant that i could talk about it (assuming the person was respectful enough). So don’t worry about it! No one here is going to force you to talk about anything you don’t want.