hi! im dash

hey there! i’m dash!
im a digital artist with an interest in making games!
im 18 years old, i live in an apartment with my partner of 1 and a half years and i am actively gaining weight recreationally
i am also fictionkin and you can pm me about it if you want.
hope to see you around!


Hey dash!

Glad to see a new face, and I hope this site suits you well!

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hey, thanks! ive browsed this site a lot but i finally decided to just make an account

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Welcome to the club! Hope to see more of you Dash!

Welcome to the forums, dash.

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thanks, i think you certainly will!

thanks so much!! i appreciate it

Welcome Dash! I hope this site goes well for you!

Welcome to the site Dash! Hope you’ll find our site useful for your intrest in making games!