Hi, I'm Dingotush

… or rather Dingotush is a handle that stuck.

My main claim to fame/notoriety/is-he-still-working-on-that is Yaffaif, an interactive fiction with strong weight gain and transformational themes. It’s been a long time in the making as the story (well, the current one, some of the oldest code is for a space-based story) requires tricks that I couldn’t do with the available engines when I originally started coding it. So I have an engine built from the ground up, and still being added to.

I also, a long while ago, wrote a furry character for Kronoman’s Virtual Feeder game, and still have a copy for download (with his permission) on my website.

And with that I will request your patience for the next update…

D**n honored to stay on same forum with you. Like stated at introductions, played a bit your game once - and will definitely do that again. “Ultra Oomph” (I hope I got it right) got me in total hysterics and the chance to get stuck at the tavern is something every WG-loving gamer and game-maker should experience. I have no right word for the event, but brilliant should come close and still it is not enough.
I have thought a good many years that even games that contain some weight gain tend to be lacking in something. What good is it for me to have my character eating herself fat, if no one notices? In your game that is not a problem! “Well, perhaps I try again later…” when I can’t fit my PC trough the door-frame. :slight_smile:
You have done me very very happy with your talent in game-making and seeing your handle here has the same effect on me again.

Hi Dingotush! I met you on FA and played your game before, although I met you under a different alias.

I’m surprised to see you here. How long has this forum been up?

The forums have been up since February 15th, 2016.