hi there im new


im brand new as a member but as a lurker im oldish im not into being fat my self no i dont like that i put health first i like being lets call it a feeder some one who feeds the other perfered women but please dont be like oh he is weird or PORN alert. i am also not wanting to have my parents see this so if i get a new computer i will write what i dowloaded and delet them i also think this is a freindly site :smile: i like to pretened im the one doing it to the charater in the game


god this makes me feel Extreamly uncomfortable with my autism


I too am on the spectrum and I have to say, I sympathize. You’re damn brave to come out like this, and I can’t help but commend you for that.

Welcome aboard!


Happy you think our community is friendly! We try our best to be welcoming and help people in the community. So welcome to the site! We are all happy to have you here.

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