Himan-ka Academy

Himan-ka Academy is going to be a visual novel dating sim that primarily focuses on gradual weight gain/belly stuffing content with some slight pregnancy content on the side.

The visual novel takes place in an American all-girl college that is infamous for being modeled after a stereotypical Japanese high school and also for how much weight its students tend to gain while enrolled.

The current demo contains the first week of the first love interest’s route. Going forward, the goal will be to flesh out the first route across the full four years that the protagonist, Annabelle, is enrolled for. I should also note that the current version is entirely text and backgrounds with no character portraits.

Current Version: 0.01

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Seems great so far! I really enjoyed the setting, college-age but highschool style is a good way to keep things simple and get to the good part quickly. Starting with one route and finishing it is also a good plan, rather than ending up with several routes in progress at once.

I tried all three routes, and I liked all three. Mostly just an intro right now so not much to critisize, but I really liked everything that was there (especially the pampered princess bit, that’s a 10/10 dynamic for me). Looking forward to more, whenever that may be!


Always enjoy a good text based game, hope you see this through to the end, like where this is going so far!


Very promising! The setting’s a bit engineered but it never feels like it gets too cheesy or anything IMO. Can’t wait for what else there is to come!

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I quite enjoyed the intro, so I’m looking forward to seeing more!


Really enjoyed your introduction, I hope to see more!

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I’m not sure why there aren’t more replies, I’m loving this story, I hope it continues.


The idea is promising, but I don’t want to get blue-balled. Waiting to play/comment until there’s more of it.


I really loved this, I eagerly await more!