Hinx's Rpg Game

(updated 1.0.2. fixed issues with the first stage including SE error, beds, flame slash, enemy scaling and some map sizes) If you try it, Please let me know if any more errors pop up, I didn’t run into any
after uploading it but who knows, maybe I just missed them lol

This game takes place in a fantasy setting where you play as a proud hero who mistakenly accepts a blessing from a deity and are force to swallow their pride to continue their quest

I have some original sprite work, Art work (I’m not an artist but eh, I tried) and hopefully some original characters. If It needs a grammar revamp let me know or if it’s to similar to ongoing titles here I’ll change it up! let me know what you think.

started working on more content now! Thanks everyone for helping me fix this up. let me know if there’s any more issues! I’ll post again when there’s more game.


ok i well get this game a tried


it good but you can’t get go to sleep on a bed?


The link works! hooray!!

(face palm) I can’t believe I forgot to make functioning beds lol. that’s like RPG 101!
That will be the first thing I fix before I start on the next stage. Thanks for letting me know.
Hopefully there isn’t to many more issues but please keep lettings me know if you find more.


You definitely have my interest in where this game is going.

As far as functionality issues, the beds at the inn seem to ask if you want to sleep, but the screen goes black and you can’t get away from it. The Fire Slash is missing an MP cost if there’s supposed to be a cost to it.

After gaining a level and getting the iron helmet, normal bandits can no longer damage me (though they were fairly respectable before). It was kind of a surprising jump to the first boss where I was taken out in 2-3 hits (but not really a problem- just had to try twice or so before getting a strategy to work- just a surprising spike in difficulty)


Thanks for letting me know! I’ll give it a few days and once I have a list of fixes and changes, I’ll update the link! I’m super excited that it has your interest so I’m pumped to continue it and make what I have better!

ToDoList so far:

  1. fix beds
  2. fix fire slash
  3. give the bandits some glasses so they can see what they’re swinging at.
  4. better balanced enemies leading into the boss fight.
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I would recommend adding a screenshot or two and a little blurb about what the general gist of the game is. Doesnt need to be super deep. Just something like, “this is The Game. In it, you play as The Guy, who is doing The Thing. The end.”


Just gave this game a try and honestly it looks really really promising and I also hope that this project helps you improve your artistic skills both in arts and sprites, the bandit art was good for a first try.

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Thanks for the advice!

There’s a lot of dead space.

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I seem to keep getting a bug where it fails to load an audio effect, specifically Miss and Blow


That’s weird, I never touched the SE for the fights, It might be how I compressed the file or something. right now the game is unplayable with that pop up so thanks for letting me know! I’m going to try fixing it.

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