Holy moly sorry about my last thread i was not feeling good that day

Lab Grown by lachevite and bbw - itch.io it was actually 2…I’m really sorry about what hapenned last time…

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I like the premise of the first game, but it seems like the hit detection on the catcher is kind of bullshit. Anyone else?

See, that’s the one part of this game I felt wasn’t bullshit. It would have been nice if the game rewarded you for doing well instead of just punishing you for doing poorly, since most of the challenge seems to be figuring out the exact timing of when to fire by trial and error. But with the way the game is designed, any mistake you make is permanent.

I feel like it would have felt more fair if the game;

  • Didn’t remove progress for your first and second misses, and
  • Took away your red crosses when you successfully trigger the machine.

That way you get two free misses for every stage of gain and gives you a bit of leeway to figure out the timing you’re supposed to be using.


yall know lachevite is active on here and posts about their games right?