Honey Combat Update

So just to let people know, a full version of Honey Combat is not on the table at the moment.

There are other projects that are in the works that need to be finished first.

I am still figuring out how the full game would and should play and then there is a ton of other background things that need to be done.

There are currently no real development plans at the moment, and I will post another announcement on Honey Combat when the game is actually moving.

You can interpret this however you want, Hiatus, Dead or whatever. The fact is it will be a while.

I am glad you like the game we made last year, I want to see it continue, but it is not on the table at the moment.

Thank you, and have a good 2022 Gain Jam.


take your time on the project, dont feel rushed to finish this, the best things are worth waiting for


I presume a portion of the team was working on Manic Mimic for the 2022 game jam? If that’s the case are there other projects past that?