Horror Stories from a Project!

So I was in the zone working on a project and this was my best work yet but it was starting to get late and I was starting to get sleepy so I turn off my program I was work in and was about to go to bed then… I remembered that the whole time I was working on it I do not save so I just Lost 3 hours OF WORK but thankfully I had time to sleep and finish it before my deadline.

So what is one of your Horror stories from a project.


okay, so get this… i was adding a feature, and then i got a cool idea and added another. repeat until i run out of cool ideas to partially implement and leave everything unfinished.

i am the feature creep…


Back when I first started working on the Lycanroc stuff for the BigFatties mod, I remember putting in a lot of time while working on one of the sprite sheets, and was practically done and getting ready to save the file before my computer suddenly turned off. As it turns out, the contractor working on the house at the time happened to hit the wrong switch on the breaker box and turned off my computer as a result.

Thankfully I’m a very forgiving person when it comes to accidents, even severe ones, especially since he was ultimately just doing his job, but I still remember not being very happy when I was borderline scolding him in a passive-aggressive manner about the incident, although I’ve long since forgiven them over it since then. I also thankfully didn’t lose ALL my work, but still got set back far enough to put me in a bad mood for a while when it happened…and is why I tend to save far more often these days :P.


3 times already I’v been working in unity and I accidentally make a infinite loop and press play without saving. To those you do not know, the only way of escaping such a loop is task manager. At least the code is saved.


Nothing too drastic from my game, but I know @ziulhusky had to restart Soft Fantasies, his visual novel game, from scratch after releasing thirteen whole chapters (I still have the old version). He was forced to rebuild after his PC crashed while he was saving his work. Ziul deserves a ton of credit for using it as a chance to improve his GUI. He could probably share more about that heart-wrenching experience.


this thread is as good as any to remind people to always backup your files regularly, preferably on 3 different devices. just losing one day of work is annoying enough, you don’t want to lose weeks or months of work.


Amen to that, brother.

You can never have to many backups

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I still cry inside when i remember this ;-;