How do I know if my Sims 4 mod is working?

Hey everyone, I just want to know, how do I know if my Sims 4 mod is working.

Which mod(s)? Need to know which mod you’re using to help.

I use the simsfattener’s mods (comfort eater, expanding waistline, fattening lot, the fattener, wg virus female)

The easiest ways to test those mods are to create “control” saves. Start a new game with the mod you want to test installed, and then do what ever is needed to trigger the mod. So to test the fattener, for example, you would want to make a sim with the trait and have them hang around another sim without the trait for as long as you can (the second sim should have their weight slider set to about 50% in the initial creation process, since weight gained from that point onward is more noticeable). Then you want to either save the game or go into create a sim (these are the most reliable ways to have sim’s weight update). If the sim is larger, it’s working.

You should be able to do this with most of your mods (although I don’t know if that is necessarily possible with the virus mod, since you probably just have to get lucky).