How do you all feel about furry content?

This doesn’t necessarily have to relate to my game at all. I was just curious to see how people in my various spheres felt about this type of content. I have my own personal preferences on the matters and so this isn’t to push me in one direction or another; just curiosity.

So, here’s the poll.
How do you feel about including anthro/furry/scaly themed content in sexual/fetish text games?

That all depends on how easy it is to pretend they are kemonomimi. Usually with text-based stuff it’s pretty easy. Can’t stand snouts, personally.

Tried to vote, but it seems wonky; keeps spitting out htmlcode after submitting.

For me, I’d be more sympathetic to gratuitous ‘furry’ content if it wasn’t something that’s as pervasive and accessible than it is. Case in point; furry vs non-furry content both here and in most wg-related games I’m aware of.

If a blending of human and animal dna, without any form of defect (let alone viability) can be ‘justified’ or sidestepped (what’s to say you can’t have aliens fill the ‘void’?) by whatever magical forces pervade the setting, then ok. But I’d be very disappointed if such content ended up swamping everything else in a plague of fursuits. :stuck_out_tongue:

And don’t get me started on the nerd rage I get as (someone studying to become) a biologist when mammalians suddenly get grafted to an ‘ovipositor’ without any adverse effects…

I can’t enjoy enjoy furry on it’s own. I need some other fetish there so I can enjoy it. I’m straight up turned off by scalies unless it’s confined to their outer bodies (legs, arms, tail).

So overall purely neutral to furry and hate scaly.

Do you even need to ask how I feel about squishy anthros?

I’m pretty much not into furry content, though I think minor inhuman traits can be cool and sexy? It doesn’t turn me away from something altogether, but if every character is a furry (and usually, if there’s one furry, there’s only furries) I have a hard time getting into it.

Personally love anthros and anthro traits.

I voted that I don’t like furry content and prefer that it is at a minimum. I agree that it is too available. FurAffinity seems to have most of the good weight gain games and even Corruption of Champions was overwhelmingly about furry stuff. Having stuff like goblins and imps is basically human to me. Despite my love of snakes, I still got initially disgusted by scalies for some reason. However, after having felt a snake for the first time, I think scalies are more interesting to me than furry. However, it has also got me thinking about what a humanoid covered in fur would actually feel like. I think canine traits are just too disturbing, but other than that, I could be convinced into liking a furry character as long as there is more focus on how nice their body is to touch rather than pure sex/rape. Haven’t come across something like that before and it would be wonderful to see it used.