How to do anything in kate's Uni days?

So I have been trying to play kates uni days which is a text but it seems that instead of being able to see all the options for objects it shows me one or two while there are others that it does not show. This is extremely frustrating seeing as how there can be MILLIONS of ways to say some of these actions make it painful to do anything. for example how do you give a object to ANYONE? How do you get the meal plan? It took me ages to figure out how to put away the jumpers ad I had to go on the topic to find out!
Someone please help me!

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To give objects you have to pick them up then fucking drop them for some reason before you can hand them over and the wording is stupid specific, you can’t just say ‘give [object]’ or whatever. Also I think the game is super short on top of it and doesn’t go very far.

Okie dokie thanks for telling me

The usual “give (object) to (person)” works (providing you are carrying the object, it can’t just be in the location) - like in almost all text adventures. And “give card to (name-of-dinner-lady)” sorts the meal plan out - sorry it’s been a while and I can’t remember the name of that character.

Ok now I have figured one thing out to stumble upon another! actually two things if you have the mixer in second trimester and go out of the bedroom and go back in it disappears also how do you make the cake with mixer and flour?