How to edit current age backwards

In the dev mode, i want to edit the age backwards because, you know. i dont want old boys… but i cant seem to do it… im literally addicted to this game… any help?z

The engine does not have functionality to revers the age of a proxy. This is a hard coded limitation that can’t be changed with a simple command or mod and would probably require some extensive work to the engine itself to change.

Sorry about that

It’s okay! I can’t even fathom how you’d go about doing that anyways

Not sure if this would help you but if you edit your save file you can modify the age category to a younger age. I had another proxy that was 20yrs old which had the number 177823 in the age slot.

So I did this:




This changed it from a 30ish year old character to a 20yrs old one.
Hope this is helps.