Howdily Doodily

Well, hey there. Been interested in these types of things for quite some time. Been into fatty things for even longer than that! I’m hoping to better keep up with all your games now that everyone is slowly coming together in one place to, hopefully, gain a stronger sense of community.

I, myself, have zero knowledge of coding so creating anything of my own is just about out of the question, but I do dabble in writing, so I’d love to potentially make contributions to some of your projects!

Hope to maybe make friends or at least get better acquainted with some of you.

Welcome to the forums! Learning coding can sometime require some mental restructuring but it’s reasonably easy to learn the basics. fetishmaster would be an easy place to start. If you interested in it try opening it up in dev mode and poke around a bit and see how things interact.

Or as a writer you could just correct our(read my) spelling and grammar errors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello there, nice to meet you. I hope to befriend you too.