Hyperspace | Genotype - (Development Begins 21/08/2021)

The music is

Big fan of your work, can’t wait to be able to actual take your seat and play with these lovely creatures!


The visuals in this are really impressive! can’t wait for a demo.


Hyperspace | Genotype (Micro log 9 - 01/05/2022):
Will be doing little log posts here for more WG focused content updates

Aye I’m amazed that we hit the part time goal on Patreon! It means a lot. I’ll be reducing my daytime freelance hours and putting more time towards this game project!

You can also grab the slime rig/vtuber on Patreon to play around with this month <3

Here’s a few character teaser videos:

Commissions & Colabs:
Emerald Commission
Emerald Commission 2
nevermindohno Colab
Buttz Colab


The updates you post here don’t necessarily have to directly deal with the weight gain stuff. It’s all going to be in the game anyway, right? It’s all going to be prerequisites for the game to be done, so might as well talk about game progress in general as you feel necessary imo.

In any case, I’m really glad to hear you’re hitting some Patreon goals! You deserve the support. =D


Hyperspace | Genotype (Micro log 13 - 30/06/2022):

Been a bit of a bumpy month with both our water pipes and wiring deciding it was a good time to peace out. Most things be fixed now thankfully, just waiting to be slapped by the bills XD I really appreciate everyone patience while I was sorting things out, had a few very sweet messages. I won’t be bringing up irl things too much, I can handle myself all good. However, I Just wanted to say thank you for everyone’s support both on Patreon and in general! The unexpected house repairs would have been so much more stressful, and it has allowed me to focus more on what I enjoy, ya’ll amazing <3

Don’t think I didn’t get anything done tho! Along with finishing a vtuber, I came up with some ideas on how to manage the character player model & visualization! Due to scope, the original plan was to have the player text based for the demo, but that kinda bothered me a bit XD Thanks to the addition of blend shapes in live2d it’s quite a bit more feasible now to handle form variations! It’s still very much a prototype model, but super happy with the results so far. I’ll be putting it on Patreon to play with and as the current mini vtuber (maybe not so mini XD) I’ll also be making a Gumroad for once off items/packs due to request. Still got a few things to complete on the base model, so will be releasing it along with a showcase in a few days.

Gonna be updating it in future months with even bigger sizes and will get back to set 3 for July.

Base model current progress

  • Base player model prototype near completion
  • Set 3 on pause, will be resuming in July


For viewing the previews more comfortable! The latest upload has been done 4 hours ago!


✦————— :scroll: Micro log #14 (24/07/2022) :scroll: —————✦

Aye the base model is done!
I have named the model Gena Type I (had to slide a pun in there XD).

This model has been a rather long time in the making. Super happy with the results! I’ll be using it to develop a versatile base character and to prototype the player model for Hyperspace. I thought I may as well release it publicly too, for learning purposes, customization etc. Since this is the first version, there’s bound to be some issues. I’ll be updating the model in following months with fixes and more features!

Type I Features (condensed list):

  • 100+ toggles
  • 3 points of 3 axis body movement
  • 12 body sliders (Back View, Body Size, Breasts, Nips, Thighs, Balls, Dick, Belly A/B/C/D, Weight Gain)
  • 8 expressions
  • Back view rig (clothing support to be added)
  • 10 outfit pieces
  • Accessories: ears, horns, tail etc

Type II Plans (condensed list):

  • Colors
  • Legs
  • 2x slider increase
  • Legs
  • Anthro features
  • Muscle Gain
  • More accessory’s

Model Showcase Video

If your interested in the model and want to support the project, you can grab it on Gumroad/Patreon:

  • Live2d vtuber/viewer model
  • You can find a full list of features and software support in the Gumroad info.
    - Also make sure to check out the TOS & Info first!

Patreon ($5 tier)
Gumroad ($10 once off)


I like the player model a lot! Though a question for the boy: Will he have his own version of the breast slider to give him huge, masculine pecs? If girls can have beachball sized breasts, I think it’s only fair for boys to have hyper pecs, despite it being an extremely niche fetish.


it’s her, it’s geno type from hyperspace!


…actually really good question, if you’re going to be implementing “muscle gain”, would you also consider having a “flex” pose for the arms?

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Is the male character also going to be just femboy-esque or can you have more masculine looking characters? i.e. himbo, bodybuilder etc?


Hell yeah! Had some fun testing it on this model. Will be human variations too tho:
Flynn Model Showcase


Hopefully the post above answer that ^

There will be more female characters, but keen to balance it out more. Got a more chunky bara model in the current set I’m working on too <3