I am looking for some games.

So. I was wondering if there are any games related to male inflation. I don’t want any story games, because my imagination isn’t the greatest, and also preferably about belly inflation. It doesn’t matter the type(air, water, stuffing etc) or if there are furries or not. I just want something visual(animations or photos) It could be something like PUMPT: Pumpt! by Dynastic Honey or any other game.I think that this kind of question was already asked, but I want to be sure. Thanks for answering.

Welcome to the forum!

For pursuing more specific interests the tag system comes into play here. You can peruse the tags either by filtering the forum contents for certain tags at the top of the page as shown here:

The full tag library can be found under ‘Tags’ when clicking on the hamburger/menu icon in the top-right.

Or you can get straight to the heart of your search by using ‘#’ to list a tag. Here I’m searching for all tagged projects which are tagged with ‘male’ and ‘inflation’

In terms of recommendations, the best one that immediately springs to mind is BloatedGoyle’s excellent Smasher and the Will o the Thiccs is now on Steam! Unfortunately it’s no longer free but its modest $5 tag is well worth it!

Happy hunting!