I heard there was going to be a game jam.

I have made games before. Terrible games. So I thought I’d have a go at making something for this game jam I heard about.

Not that I expect to have time to actually finish anything, but we can hope, right?


Good luck! I thought about making a dungeon crawler (even got the engine ready) related to this years theme, but I just didn’t want to stress myself with fast work

yeah, you tend to make less mistakes when not rushed

I’m doing the exact same thing!! I’ve never made a game outside of college before but I’ve been working on a cooking sim, with some personal interaction with certain customers between rounds, waaaay too ambitious for me but you should totally do it!! What kind of game are you thinking of making?

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Welcome, happy to have you here!

And on the game jam this is the best time to at least try something since the games are not expected to be well polished anyway. I wish you and @MangaFluffs the best of luck on your submissions!

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Welcome, and good luck.

I’m thinking gardening platformer. Currently not feeling like I’ll have anything worth showing in time for the deadline. (Current state is I have a ground and can walk and jump. Not really a game yet.)

There’s still a little over a week left, and there’s no penalty for entry. We’d love to see whatever you have.

I’m just naturally pessimistic.

But I’ve had good progress today, so now I think I will be entering with something.