I Like the Mobile Version Better??

If there is one feature the mobile version has that the computer version doesn’t, it’s the the display of the 3 most recently posted topics being displayed along with the titles (General Discussion, Projects, etc.) on the home page. This makes viewing and seeing newer posts on the mobile version much more convenient and I’ve been a tad confused on why it isn’t like this on the computer site

The reason that is is because there is a PC layout configuration where it give you categories on one side of the screen and the latest posts on the other half. The mobile view of discourse tries to emulate this when set to display categories but since it cant split the screen it instead shows the 3 most recent posts for each.

While I agree that I think the way the mobile view does it is better this is a built in functionality of the discourse framework. We can change it but it would involve more work then the benefit it would provide. Also, we would much rather dedicate our limited resources to things like Interviews with devs, Game Jams/Community events, and most of all the official Weight Gaming site then focus on providing more functionality that we view a non-critical.

PS, I am not sure but I think you can change the default layout for both mobile and PC versions on your user page for just yourself. I dont remember for sure though but I do remember you are allowed some limited customization of the home page for your account.

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Just bookmark Weight Gaming

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Fyi you can set it to just bring up the latest under the Preferences tab, interface. Here is a screen shot of my page and I believe all uses have access to this tough you can do what @PeachClamNine suggests as well.

Keep in mind this will only change the page you see first when you go to the home page of the forum. It does not change its layout.

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I appreciate the help! Still a shame the computer site can’t get the same good treatment the mobile version. Still, thank you and @PeachClamNine for the alternative.

If you really want the mobile features (and I kind of agree that it’s better now that I tried it…) go ahead and use Weight Gaming