i need help with a fallout 4 glitch

I’ve been trying to play Fallout 4 for a while, but every time I download a recent version of the game, everything gets buggy. it’s hard to explain, but the world, in general, is all distorted with “textures” and I don’t even know if it’s really texture, every time I try to fix it gets worse and the only thing I found is that this glitch seems to be linked with recent versions of the game, because I can play normally in an old version

I know that some of you guys mess with this game a lot, so I hope that some of you help me to know what is the problem I’ll put a picture later here in this post to better show the problem but for now, I will rest my head on it because I spent all night messing around in this game :sweat:

Have you tried to verify the game files integrity?

Gotta ask what most people do, verify files, disable mods. If everything’s back to normal, start with F4SE and build up until you find the mod causing the problem.