idea for a WG themed puzzle game

so, kind of a stretch of an idea, but how about a puzzle game, with VN elements, focused on weight gain?

i’m going to admit i’m pretty much getting this idea off of huniepop, but basically, you meet girls, get to know them through VN interactions, and finally bring them hope to fatten up over one or several sessions via a blockdrop minigame

now to make this a bit more on the unique side, i propose a couple of things:
-various blocks have different elements to them, so matching one set could increase butt weight, while another would increase breasts, one for belly, and one for all four
-having girls actually lose weight over time when you aren’t fattening them up, so you get to do it all over again, with a toggle for on/off
-possible modability, for custom characters. i think it’d really help if you could easily add in new characters, from OCs, to look alikes, to even monsters and furs

and that’s about it. honestly i’d love it if i could actually make this myself, but aside from spending time with a bunch of game creators i don’t really have any skill for making various assets, which really puts a hamper on what you can do


I too wished for a huniepop esk WG game going with a VN artsyle. but I lack in visual department and not really that great at puzzle games

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this had been an idea in the works from someone (cant remember who, all I remember was a fat neko girl) a few years back, it went nowhere and died off, would be really interested to see such a concept revived!

I think you’re talking about Squarewave’s never finished feeding game.
The only thing that ever came out of that were these:

I don’t recall why he stopped working on that game, but it is what it is, I suppose.
For whatever’s worth, I recall someone talking about the posibility of editing Huniepop’s sprites to make the characters fat, but, again, nothing ever came of it.
I think this is a good idea, but it’d take some solid artwork and smooth gameplay to be pulled off properly. Coordination too, if each character is handled by different artists, which could technically make the game a bit more manageable for all the parties involved.