Idea splurge

I have 2 ideas that i think could be good. Knowing the limitations (Whether it be time or otherwise) I will range it based off how hard it would be to make IMO, especially since A. i have the artistic skills of a monkey with 2 left hands and B. Coding is likewise

Idea 1:A visual novel starting in 2010 that has you and X amount of girl/s going to college together and you fall in love with one of them. Each chapter in it is the next year in which your choices may affect their waistlines based on your choices and how open you are about your “Preferences” in girls. I would think it will be programmed in Renpy which i heard is easier to program in than other engines. So I would think (As long as we could get an artist on board) this will be relatively easy to do.

Idea 2:A game in which you are either A. An adventurer sent into a dungeon to defeat a dungeon master who uses gluttony and fattening up his enemies to his advantage, so you either succumb to your desires or fight through them or B. you play as the dungeon master and fatten up the adventurers that come in to defeat you. With this one i have a HUGE amount of lore behind so if it were made i would want a story mode for people intrested in the lore and/or arcade mode for people who want to get to the meat and potatoes of it(no pun intended). I would think it should be programmed in quest as to not lean on a need for artists TOO much, but that’s just me.

These ideas are for anybody, if someone makes them i won’t even be mad. Cause at least they were made, so go ahead and tell me what you think of them. Am i grossly overestimating/underestimating? Any suggestions for the Idea?