If you could create a animal crossing furniture item and put it in your game what would you make

I would probably make a inflatable Tom Nook and a Kirby series furniture set

A bagel with a lobster sitting on it.

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I, too, want a Kirby set. Maybe even a more general Dreamland set. I’m pretty sure lots of people want Froggy Chair back, but I don’t know if it’s been added yet, I kinda burned out around September and completely lost interest.

Yes and they don’t have a main series game with a pokemon furniture set either but Kirby has always been my dream furniture set I’d pay insane amounts of bells for a Kirby themed set

A TV that looks like an apple

Isn’t there already a Apple tv in animal crossing?

I just want the damn lovely set back

I mean they do have a cute set but I feel like the creators of new horizons believes that the cute and lovely set are too similar but I would love to see the lovely seat to come back and the couch