I'm an artist looking for a programmer/team.

Mainly looking for someone (or multiple people) okay with this kind of production loop:

Idea(created by discussion)—>Implementation(by you)—>What art do you need?(I’ll draw it). Repeat.

I’ve got a general idea for the game which can be modified for different themes, which can be boiled down to “fruit” genetics. So if that sounds interesting (and within your abilities) then I’d be happy to have you.

Also, If you’re an artist or a writer I’d still be happy to take you into the project. It’s just that I need a programmer the most, since I cant do that.

I’ll send you a discord link if you end up joining.


I’m a programmer with some experience in Unity3D. Me and another user on here formed a team for the jam and we need an artist. We have a pretty solid idea for the game (with potential for it going beyond the jam) and a few systems that will eventually lead to the final product. Given that we both have talents that we need for the jam to compliment each other, hopefully we can discuss this further either here or on discord.

Thank you for reading and best of luck!

If you need help with writing or ideas, I don’t mind helping you flesh it out.


Just gonna leave the link here so more people see it.